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I am Charles Thorne, MD a Plastic Surgeon with an interest and 25 years of experience in the surgical correction of ear deformities of all types including prominent ears, excessively large ears, ears with aging changes or earring complications, deformities related to trauma (e.g. burns, dog bites), cancer or previous facelifting, and congenital ear anomalies such as Stahl’s ear, cryptotia, question mark ear or microtia/aural atresia. This is somewhat unique. Not many Plastic Surgeons have an interest in or experience with these issues. I am also the Director of the Ear Anomalies Program at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at the NYU Medical Center.

Otoplasty procedures can frequently make a dramatic difference in self-image, transforming a patient from one who is self-conscious and constantly trying to hide his/her ears with hair styles/hats to one who loves his/her appearance and feels free to wear short hair or hair styles that expose the ear.

I encourage you to explore this site, view the patients’ photographs and email or call the office at 212-794-0044 with any questions. You will find one of the chapters I have written on otoplasty and one of the chapters I have written on ear reconstuction included in this website. You may also wish to explore my other website, www.microtia.com.

Charles H. Thorne, M.D.


Patients with prominent ears can be divided into two groups: 1. Patients with protruding ears ...

Otoplasty with Ear Reduction

In patients with excessively large ears, a slightly different procedure ...

Earlobe Shortening

Some patients are unhappy with the length of their earlobes. This can occur ...

Ear Distortion after Facelift

Unfortunately, one of the most common results of an amateurish ...

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