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As we age, many aspects of our appearance change, including the size and shape of our ears. Changes in skin elasticity and loss of tissue can cause earlobes to deflate and become longer. For many older individuals, this combination results in ears that appear too large. Dr. Charles Thorne provides both surgical and non-surgical ear rejuvenation treatments to restore a more youthful appearance. Depending on your needs and goals, your treatment may involve fillers, fat transfer, earlobe shortening, or lobe repair. In addition, patients who have had a previous facelift may have unsightly scars around their ears or an unusual lobe attachment, also known as pixie ears. These concerns may require a re-do facelift. Dr. Thorne is a specialist in ear surgery and facelift surgery and can provide a wide variety of treatments at his office in New York, NY.

Why Consider Ear Rejuvenation?

Many patients over the age of 40 begin to notice sagging around many parts of their body and the ears are no exception. Gravity, loss of volume, and sun damage can cause lobes to sag. Piercing holes can become stretched and elongated. Wearing heavy earrings regularly or sleeping with earrings in can further contribute to this problem. In some cases, lobes can even appear wrinkled or deflated.

With ear rejuvenation, patients can enjoy:

  • Plumper, smaller, and more rounded lobes
  • Earrings that sit straighter and higher in the ear
  • A softer ear hole crease
  • An overall more youthful ear
  • Improvement in scars from a previous facelift

Dr. Thorne can also fix a range of other complications from earrings, including torn lobes or cartilage, to restore the appearance of your ears.

Your Treatment Options

As a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the ear, Dr. Thorne can provide a wide range of surgical and non-surgical ear rejuvenation options. In general, there is no major difference between the recovery time or cost between the surgical and non-surgical options.

The best way to determine the right option is to schedule an appointment at our practice. Dr. Thorne can discuss your goals, preferences, and budget with you to determine the best treatment plan.

Ear rejuvenation can help fight signs of aging and restore the youthful balance of your face.

Fat Transfer

Some patients prefer to replace lost volume with their own fatty tissue rather than using synthetic fillers. With this option, fat is first harvested from another area of your body, such as the abdomen or upper thighs, and then purified in a centrifuge to isolate the best tissue.

Then, Dr. Thorne can inject the fat into your lobes to restore a rounder, more youthful appearance. The benefit of fat transfer is that the results last longer.

Earlobe Shortening

Dr. Thorne can also perform earlobe shortening. This procedure is short, requiring only about 20 minutes per ear. Most patients only require local anesthesia and the healing time is about seven days.

During this treatment, Dr. Thorne can remove excess skin and restore the correct length and shape of your lobes. While most patients choose to undergo earlobe shortening as a solo procedure, it can also be done at the same time as a facelift or otoplasty.

Dermal Fillers

A popular non-invasive option for deflated or elongated earlobes is treatment with a dermal filler. The filler is injected into the lobe with a fine needle, adding volume to minimize wrinkles and creases. This treatment is virtually painless.

However, it is also temporary. Most dermal fillers last between six and 12 months. Dr. Thorne only uses fillers made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance which encourages collagen production.

Make Minor Revisions for a More Youthful Look

Ear rejuvenation can help fight signs of aging and restore the youthful balance of your face. For more information about ear rejuvenation or the other treatments Dr. Thorne offers, contact our office online or call (212) 794-0044.

In The Media

Dr. Thorne is consistently highlighted in every publication profiling the Best Doctors in Manhattan or the Best Doctors in the entire United States. He has been featured in the New York Times multiple years running, as well as America's Top Doctors, and has hosted a radio show on plastic surgery alongside dermatologist Dr. Linda Franks.

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