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If you have undergone surgery to improve the appearance of an ear deformity, you understand the significance of trusting a plastic surgeon with your well-being and appearance. Dr. Charles Thorne can perform revision otoplasty in New York City for patients who are unhappy with the results of previous procedures or who have experienced a failed otoplasty. There are several conditions of the ear in which Dr. Thorne can provide surgical repair, both cosmetically and functionally, and he can offer the precise and effective care that you need.

Before & After

revision otoplasty before
revision otoplasty after

The results of a typical revision otoplasty surgery can take time to fully visible. Dr. Thorne typically recommends that patients wait until they have completely recovered from the initial procedure before pursuing revisions.

When to Pursue Revision Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects prominence and other deformities of the external ear. While generally safe and predictable, complications can occur.

If you have had an otoplasty and are not happy with the results, Dr. Thorne may be able to help you. When your ears have completely healed from the first surgery, Dr. Thorne will assess the problem and discuss your goals for revision otoplasty. Improvements can almost always be made but sometimes it is impossible to completely eliminate evidence of the primary procedure.

Common complaints or complications after otoplasty that Dr. Thorne can improve are: undercorrection of prominent ears (ears still too far from the head), over correction of prominent ears (ears too close to the head), unnatural contours, visible scars, sharp edges, earlobe deformities and ears that were not recognized as too large at the initial procedure. Under correction is always easier to treat than over correction. If the ears are too close to the head Dr. Thorne may take cartilage from the rib cage to wedge behind the ear to recreate the projection.

Understanding the Risks

As with any reconstructive surgery, revision otoplasty carries a certain amount of risk. The main risk, however, is not a serious health problem but rather that the appearance of the ears, while improved, falls short of your ideal.

“Thorne strives to perform surgery that provides natural-looking results, minimal recovery time and complications, as well as improved quality of life for all patients.”

Dr. Thorne will give you his best estimate of what the outcome will be and how close to “perfect” it will be. With 30 years of experience he can usually predict when he can achieve what you are looking for and when that is not possible and he will attempt to adjust your expectations accordingly, outline potential risks tied to the treatment, and thoroughly explain what kinds of results you can expect before moving forward with surgery.

Decades of Experience

Dr. Thorne strives to perform surgery that provides natural-looking results, minimal recovery time and complications, as well as improved quality of life for all patients. He has over 25 years of experience helping patients achieve symmetrically shaped ears, and has successfully trained several surgeons to practice his techniques.

You can trust that you will be receiving the best care from a top surgeon. With his many years of experience, he can ensure a safe procedure with limited complications and the best possible effects for your case.

Discover Your Treatment Options

If you have had otoplasty surgery and are unsatisfied with the final results, Dr. Thorne can provide the gentle care that you need in order to achieve the results you desire. To learn more, read answers to frequently asked questions and contact our office to schedule your consultation.

In The Media

Dr. Thorne is consistently highlighted in every publication profiling the Best Doctors in Manhattan or the Best Doctors in the entire United States. He has been featured in the New York Times multiple years running, as well as America's Top Doctors, and has hosted a radio show on plastic surgery alongside dermatologist Dr. Linda Franks.

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